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Sculpta-Grill® Contemporary Series: C-20 and C-2090

Contemporary Series C-20 Grille

Contemporary Series C-20 Illustration
Contemporary Series C-2090 Illustration

Text from original brochure, 1965:

The C-20 Contemporary grille is an original sculpture, more massive in appearance than C-10. The bold and dynamic pattern of this sculpture increases in interest through repetition, while the depth and flow of its form creates a wall surface whose beauty of texture equals its value as a grille.

The massive quality of this sculpture belies its light weight, derived through our exclusive plastics techniques. High strength and high impact resistance are inherent in the structural nature of the panels and wall sections, which are factory prefabricated from the basic module. The unusual depth and design of this grille offers excellent light-diffusing characteristics for facades and window areas.

The C-2090 Contemporary grille is constructed from the same design module as C-20, but is oriented in a horizontal direction, producing an entirely different sculptural effect. Wall sections of the C-2090 sculpture have excellent sun-screening qualities, in addition to the light-diffusing properties of C-20.

Sculpta-Grille C-20 and C-2090 are available for both interior and exterior use. Panels of these designs are shipped completely prefabricated to specifications, framed or unframed, ready for installation.

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