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Sculpta-Grill® Contemporary Series: C-10 and C-1090

Contemporary Series C-10 Grille

Contemporary Series C-10 Illustration
Contemporary Series C-1090 Illustration

Text from original brochure, 1965:

The C-10 Contemporary grille is an original sculpture conceived to enhance present day architectural settings. The delicacy of this sculpture combined with depth of form, create a rhythm of motion made possible only by our exclusively developed plastics technology. Changes in lighting and viewing position produce ever-changing pattern flow and continuing interest.

The C-1090 Contemporary grille is constructed from the same design module as C-10, but is oriented in a horizontal direction, producing an entirely different sculptural effect. The high strength-to-weight ratio of Sculpta-Grille permits easy handling of relatively large panels on the job, in turn, greatly reducing requirements for structural support.

Sculpta-Grille C-10 and C-1090 are available for both interior and exterior use. Panels of these designs are shipped completely prefabricated to specifications, framed or unframed, ready for installation. It is recommended that panels of C-10 or C-1090 be ordered complete with posts or framing wherever possible. Where master frames, or surround, already exist on the job, then we can provide the panels with either coordinated sub-framing, or with provision for fastening directly. Metal tie rods, totally concealed within the hollow interior of the panels, may be provided, depending upon the job requirements.

Panels of either of these designs may be framed all around in wood or metal having a minimum depth of 4 1/2" Wide spans may be accomplished with a series of panels set between vertical framing members, which may be inconspicuous for an unbroken look, or which may be accentuated for design purposes. Horizontal framing may be omitted for an "open-sculpture" feeling in some types of installations.

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