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Sculpta-Grille Classic Series

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Persian Lattice


Text from original brochure, 1965:

The Sculpta-Grille Classic Group is Harvey Design Workshop's interpretation of ageless decorative forms, with detail and depth of sculpture made possible by our exclusive plastics techniques. Each design, produced from hand-wrought molds by our master craftsmen, is fully modelled on all sides.

The Classic Group lends itself to decor varying from traditional to contemporary, enriching their settings through exciting texture, form, color, and play of light. The high strength-to-weight ratio inherent in these Sculpta-Grille panels permits fabrication of relatively large, unbroken areas.Standard panels are furnished in our beautiful antique white with permanent, washable matte finish.

Other colors, including gold and other metallics, can be color-matched to your sample.In addition to standard grille panels, Sculpta-Grille can be furnished in 'half-shell' panels (sculptured one face only), ready for applying to walls, doors, ceilings, translucent panels, etc., as grille surfacing. 'Sandwich' panels, laminated with Plexiglas, Fiberglas, etc., can be fabricated to order.

Sculpta-Grille can be fabricated in curved planes in all designs but Oriental, with a minimum radius of about 48." Our factory prefabricated panels are shipped direct, framed or unframed, ready for installing. Sculpta-Grille's light weight ensures low transportation cost, minimum handling, and rapid installation.

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